No one speaks to racism and its cure better than David Billings, a white Southerner who has seen it all. His is a voice that needs to be heard. It is a voice with perfect pitch.

– Charlayne Hunter-Gault, award-winning journalist, former correspondent, National Public Radio, MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, and CNN; civil rights pioneer

Now is the right time to read Deep Denial! With all the racial turmoil going on in our country, this is a national story that we all must learn if we’re ever going to heal our racial wounds.

– Ronald Chisom, co-founder and executive director, People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

Clearly articulated, well-researched and substantive, Deep Denial untangles the cobwebs of ignorance about white supremacy and critiques the popular evasion, willful or unconscious, of society’s racialized power realities.

– Dr. Alan Colón, eminent scholar in education and African world studies

Deep Denial helps people understand what is at stake – with vivid descriptions, humor, and personal accounts revealing vulnerability and self-critique. Nobody does history like David Billings.

– Joseph R. Barndt, Lutheran pastor, author: Understanding and Dismantling Racism and Becoming an Anti-Racist Church

Deep Denial truly fills avoid! David Billings focuses on the socially constructed racial divide in the United States and examines the implications of white people’s anger, guilt and denial about the meaning of being ‘white.’ This book is a must read.

– Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, psychotherapist, anti-racist organizational consultant, author

A superbly documented account of the historical development of a nation structured on race, from a white Southerner. Billings succeeds at demonstrating how ‘white’ happened and continues to happen today.

– Dr. Michael Washington, professor of history, director of the Afro-American Studies Program, Northern Kentucky University

Since the election many have wondered how to proceed, what to do, how to be upright and moral in the face of immorality and post-truth political discourse. He describes a way forward.

– book review exerpt from Amazon.

When we enable racism and its cousins (class, gender, ethnic, education, religion isms) we hurt ouselves; but, what Billings introduces with an awareness yet unspoken and unseen is the way we utilize and work for institutions that manage and continue the racist power structure. If you are looking for your way forward and OUT from under a heavy load of race based oppression (especially, like me, if you don’t like benefiting unfairly from unearned privileges of whiteness) – read this book. Deep Denial heals all of us!

– book review exerpt from Amazon.